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Happy Fall Y’all on sale now!


Your Guide to Southern Scrappers – PIN IT Y’ALL!

Scrapbooking alone is peaceful.

Scrapbooking with a friend is twice the fun!

Scrapbooking at a crop is energizing! Get Happy This Fall and host your own Happy Fall Y’all scrapbook crop.

To help fellow scrappers out west, due east, up north, out yonder, & oversees here’s a little visual definition for the term y’all. For Southern Scrappers, it’s not a party till ALL Y’ALL drop by!

No matter where Y’all Live,
s Get the Party Started!

Key Lime Meredith


Let the Music Move You

Don’t Worry….. Be Happy….

I’m feelin’ kinda happy tonight.¬† Sittin’ here at my computer, tryin’ to finish a few self-imposed deadlines.¬†¬†I guess it’s obvious by now, that I’m not exactly making progress.¬†¬†

When I logged onto the internet tonight I really did have a¬†plan; which quickly eroded.¬†I¬†started surfing the net; following a wave of misdirection, not knowing if I’d ever get back to shore, when I stumbled upon a great little website that just might make your day too!

Head on over to www.Songza.com.¬† This amazing search engine will find your favorite tunes and let you listen to them for free.¬† That’s right… free!¬† Love it!¬† No subscription.¬† No 30 second snippet.¬† You can hear the whole song.¬† It’s amazing.¬† The best part?¬† You can create your own playlist, follow a link to purchase the song, share the link with a friend or even embed a song on your blog or website.¬† Stay tuned to see which songs I’ve added to my latest playlist.¬†

In the end, I guess I learned that sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break & catch a wave.¬† The currents may just take you to a better destination than you had in mind. And that’s¬†one Slice of Advice I plan to repeat. (but not tonight… It’s time to dry off¬†& shut it down.¬†Night.)

EDIT TO POST:¬†Apparently – WordPress doesn’t support javascript.¬† Who knew?¬†Why should you care?¬† Only because that’s what seems to be preventing me from installing a music link in the sidebar.¬† But stay tuned – I’ll figure out a way to share our playlists eventually!¬†