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Happy Fall Y’all on sale now!


Your Guide to Southern Scrappers – PIN IT Y’ALL!

Scrapbooking alone is peaceful.

Scrapbooking with a friend is twice the fun!

Scrapbooking at a crop is energizing! Get Happy This Fall and host your own Happy Fall Y’all scrapbook crop.

To help fellow scrappers out west, due east, up north, out yonder, & oversees here’s a little visual definition for the term y’all. For Southern Scrappers, it’s not a party till ALL Y’ALL drop by!

No matter where Y’all Live,
s Get the Party Started!

Key Lime Meredith


Let the Music Move You

Don’t Worry….. Be Happy….

I’m feelin’ kinda happy tonight.  Sittin’ here at my computer, tryin’ to finish a few self-imposed deadlines.  I guess it’s obvious by now, that I’m not exactly making progress.  

When I logged onto the internet tonight I really did have a plan; which quickly eroded. I started surfing the net; following a wave of misdirection, not knowing if I’d ever get back to shore, when I stumbled upon a great little website that just might make your day too!

Head on over to www.Songza.com.  This amazing search engine will find your favorite tunes and let you listen to them for free.  That’s right… free!  Love it!  No subscription.  No 30 second snippet.  You can hear the whole song.  It’s amazing.  The best part?  You can create your own playlist, follow a link to purchase the song, share the link with a friend or even embed a song on your blog or website.  Stay tuned to see which songs I’ve added to my latest playlist. 

In the end, I guess I learned that sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break & catch a wave.  The currents may just take you to a better destination than you had in mind. And that’s one Slice of Advice I plan to repeat. (but not tonight… It’s time to dry off & shut it down. Night.)

EDIT TO POST: Apparently – WordPress doesn’t support javascript.  Who knew? Why should you care?  Only because that’s what seems to be preventing me from installing a music link in the sidebar.  But stay tuned – I’ll figure out a way to share our playlists eventually!