Happy Fall Y’all on sale now!


Your Guide to Southern Scrappers – PIN IT Y’ALL!

Scrapbooking alone is peaceful.

Scrapbooking with a friend is twice the fun!

Scrapbooking at a crop is energizing! Get Happy This Fall and host your own Happy Fall Y’all scrapbook crop.

To help fellow scrappers out west, due east, up north, out yonder, & oversees here’s a little visual definition for the term y’all. For Southern Scrappers, it’s not a party till ALL Y’ALL drop by!

No matter where Y’all Live,
s Get the Party Started!

Key Lime Meredith


Only 2 days left! Sneak Peak for our latest crop release…


Just one of the motivating “scraptivities” in our New Happy Fall Y’all Crop – inoculate yourself against the winter blues and host a scrapbook party for your friends today!

Our newest Happy Fall Y’all crop is all about being happy! Croppers will “fall” for this easy to execute make & take project included in the download! Hurry back on Monday to be the first to host the latest Key Lime Crop! (ps – sign up for the newsletter or LIKE our facebook page so you never miss another announcement)

Halloween Themed Scrapbook Party Ideal for Retreat Planners

You asked… we listened.  Key Lime Crops proudly presents our inaugural retreat planner’s crop.  While all of our crops can be adapted for a weekend long retreat, the Ghoulfriend Getaway is ideal for retreat planners, store owners and scrapbooking and stamping consultants who go all out to plan retreats for their customers.

Let Key Lime Crops Help with Your Next Scrapbook Party

So, grab a friend, your scrapbook supplies, and a broom because you’re headed off for a spooktacular Ghoulfriend Getaway!  We know that “ghouls” just wanna have fun and everything about this party is designed to be hauntingly fun!  Anytime leading up to or just after October 31st would be a great time to host your scrapbooking retreat so don’t delay in purchasing your party plans.  We are so confident that our party plan will save you time and stress that we are offering a money back guarantee.  The Ghoulfriend Getaway includes a monster mash playlist and bewitching activities that will have you cackling with pleasure.

Since we’ve geared the crop especially for retreat planners, you’ll find loads of time-saving devices.  Digital invitations, sample agendas, darling custom designed signs to set a bewitching mood in your crop room, original games with adorable printables, a to-die-for “ghouls just wanna have fun” make & take with exclusive, custom designed elements, ideas for an entire weekend of Halloween theme menus, printable signs for your eating areas (anyone like to join us in the Black Cat Cafe? How about the Bootiful Bistro?) and much more!

Seriously! You’ll also find our time-saving master supply list and organizers, as well as a daring digital kit to use with your decor or for your own personal scrapping. Now you can meet the needs of both traditional and digital scrappers.  Make note as guests register if they will be bringing their laptop to scrapbook instead of traditional supplies.  More and more scrappers are switching to digital, yet still love the fellowship of scrapbooking with friends. Instead of kitting up our ready-to-use make & take for everyone, digi scrappers can receive their make & take in the form of the quick page included!   Every aspect of the Ghoulfriend Getaway is seriously spooktacular! Be sure to let us know the date and time of your next crop and we’ll post it here for others to find.

Finally – if you’re not a retreat planner you may wonder if this crop is right for you… the answer is still YES!  You won’t have any problem scaling back the ideas and simplifying our advice for a smaller group. So what are you waiting for?  Call all your girlfriends and head over to Key Lime Crops for your very own Ghoulfriend Getaway!

Updated Music Playlists for all Key Lime Crops

Good News! We recently updated all of our Key Lime Crop themed music  links.  Our former links were to a site called Songza. Unfortunately Songza changed their format and essentially “nuked” all of our playlists.  So happily we recreated all of our party playlists at our favorite new site; Playlist.com.  (Our links at iTunes are still active.) Scroll down for more information.  

All Key Lime Crop Parties include music suggestions available at itunes & playlist.com

For those who have downloaded our free Tater Tot Crop you won’t have to download our FREE sampler crop all over again to update the playlist.  I am posting the new link  for our eclectic mix of potato themed music here on our blog.  To avoid missing any future crop updates subscribe to our Key Lime Times Newsletter  for regular posts on our crops and happenings around the country.  And, if for some reason, you purchased a crop prior to December 2010 and need the updated playlist for your crop  just send us a quick email and we’ll get the new link out to you. 

If you are someone who has yet to download our try before your buy crop sampler than head over to our Shop 4 Crops page and give us a try!  Our theme based scrapbook party plans are ideal for consultants, retreat planners, store owners or just about anyone who wants to have a ton of fun scrapbooking!  Try our best-selling Scrap Therapy Crop, our newest Spa-Tatacular crop or let us help you with a custom crop with your choice of theme.

thanks for reading… Meredith & Susan

Your Personal Party Planners!

Girls Day Out -vs- Girls Night In

It’s not hard to find my Happy Place – it’s one of two places… at the Day Spa or scrapbooking my memores of my adventures at the spa! 


So I combined the best of both worlds and headed to the spa  for a Girls Day out and completed the day with a Girls Night in – full of scrapbooking and laughs.  If you can’t make it to the Spa, then host your own spa party with our latest full-featured crop: One Spa-tacular Day! 

Here’s my completed crop layout: 

A variation of the included Make & Take Layout. To save time I used my Silhouette Cutter to cut the elements

 Find your Happy Place right around the corner at www.KeyLimeCrops.com. Then be sure to share your crop party photos with us in the gallery!

Free La La La La…

If Santa can make a list & check it twice, so can you!

You’re makin’ your list, you’re checkin’ it twice… when you wonder, “How will I do all this and still have time to scrapbook?” Oddly enough, that’s just what we were thinking here at Key Lime.

So to spread some holiday cheer and help us check off our goal to scrapbook through the holidays we have a present just for you! Download a FREE Quick Crop Sampler – scaled back to make it easy to host a quick crop.

Our “Have Some Fun & Get It Done” party includes both a printable invitation and a digital invite. We also have instructions for a fun twist on a traditional holiday party game. Encourage friends to bring any project they are working on that needs to be finished before the holidays; like making or addressing cards or finishing a handmade gift. Keep it Simple and make some memories with friends while you check off that to do list!
Life is sweeter when you celebrate it with friends! This crop is our way to say thanks for all the friends we have made this year and for your support!

Merry Christmas
Susan & Meredith

You gotta know when to hold ’em

I wonder who’s holdin’ the…

A winner will be randomly selected from those who chose the Ace of Spades

A winner will be randomly selected from those who chose the Ace of Spades