Happy Fall Y’all on sale now!


Your Guide to Southern Scrappers – PIN IT Y’ALL!

Scrapbooking alone is peaceful.

Scrapbooking with a friend is twice the fun!

Scrapbooking at a crop is energizing! Get Happy This Fall and host your own Happy Fall Y’all scrapbook crop.

To help fellow scrappers out west, due east, up north, out yonder, & oversees here’s a little visual definition for the term y’all. For Southern Scrappers, it’s not a party till ALL Y’ALL drop by!

No matter where Y’all Live,
s Get the Party Started!

Key Lime Meredith


I Love Florida: Shuttle Pictures

One of the best parts of being the “Florida” half of Key Lime Crops instead of the “Idaho” half of this partnership is getting to  look out my studio window and watch the shuttle take off or hear (and feel) the sonic boom when it finally lands!  So here’s a few photos taken first, from my computer as I waited for the countdown, and then, from my front yard.  Amazing!

Can’t wait to scrapbook them at my next crop! It’s exciting to witness a final chapter in history. Don’t forget to scrapbook your perspective on historic events. That’s just the “right stuff” that will interest and influence our future generations!

Will the UPS truck Ever Come?

decorative scissors were all the rage

Thinking ahead to National Scrapbook Day in May got me thinking back to where my scrapbooking adventures began. My dearest friend, and now business partner, Susan, and I were about to place an order for scrapbooking supplies that would change our lives forever!

Little did we know that ordering neon-colored cardstock, decorative scissors, punches and page protectors would turn into a life long friendship.

Those first few scrapbookings are among the ugliest creations I can claim. Full of poorly cropped photos on hideously bright acid-free cardstock complete with the only stickers available to us at the time.

It seemed like it took FOREVER for that first order of SB supplies to arrive. UPS was on strike and we were like impatient kids waiting for Christmas morning.

We owe it all to a good friend named Lisa who introduced us both to the “correct” way to preserve our memories. What was it like for you? We’d love to hear how you started this amazing hobby.

Better yet, recall how excited you were when you finished that first page and share that joy with a friend. Invite her over and help her scrapbook her first page. Whether you do it with, or without a Key Lime Crop party plan, it is a great feeling.